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Air compressor dealers who want to survive in 2020, are you ready for a new revolution?

2020-08-03 14:24:46 190

2019 has become history. In 2020, we have gone through all kinds of ups and downs, and we have also traveled half the way. 

Today we will talk about it: How can the space for air compressor maintenance become increasingly compressed?


  1. The pressure of traditional channels brings pressure to dealers in many ways

    Upstream companies implement a flattening strategy for channels. Some companies have established their own terminal service network or avoided distributors and turned to establish business relationships with large terminal vendors (such as a certain Kunxing, a certain Youpe... etc.). In this way, production Companies can deal directly with consumers.

    On the other hand, large-scale terminal chains/new retail platforms have gradually emerged, and have established their own OEM brands or directly cooperated with upstream companies over distributors.

    This trend of connecting the upstream and downstream of the industry chain has had a direct impact on dealers, and this trend will become more pronounced in 2020.

  2. 廣東福斯特流體技術有限公司

  3.  Horizontal squeeze of dealers from new forces from different dimensions

    In the current air compressor industry, any kind of accessories and consumables cannot be used alone. It must be discussed in the big ecosystem of the air compressor maintenance market. The maintenance market has huge potential and many factions. At present, the role of stakeholders in the entire post-maintenance market is blurred, which will inevitably bring confusion for a long time. Those who seem to be irrelevant to you, unknowingly replace you.

    Air compressor accessories and consumables are a popular category in the post-maintenance market. Manufacturers, distributors, terminal vendors, and travel merchants are all making intricate links from all dimensions. Because the value positioning of air compressor consumables is different in different factions, the price and category positioning of accessories and consumables are blurred. Everyone is actively competing, which will inevitably compress the living space of traditional dealers. Moreover, there will only be more new entrants in 2020.

  4.  Degradation of dealer value

    Once a new "species" appears in the air compressor maintenance market, it means that the original market ecology has undergone tremendous changes, and only continuous evolution and adaptation can avoid being eliminated.

    The compression of the living space of traditional dealers is essentially that the value or model of traditional dealers has been gradually replaced. Now dealers must be given new functions, new missions, and new values.


The cruel reality, if it cannot be changed,

Then you can only adapt as much as possible!

2020 we should continue to explore and develop

New functions, new missions, new values.

Air compressor dealers who want to survive

Must experience Nirvana

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